One World - One Mission

Jägermeister is now at home in around 140 markets. Every day, the herbal liqueur travels to the farthest corners of the earth, where it is advertised with specific marketing measures depending on the country and culture.


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Wolfenbüttel, Deutschland

In April 2018, the marketing and sales department in Germany was transferred to the independent Mast-Jägermeister Germany GmbH. The aim of the subsidiary is to focus on the market, the brand and the product in the German home market. The company employs around 195 people and is one of the company's three largest markets.

Office Camberley, UK
Camberley, United Kingdom

The first foreign sales organisation was established in Camberley, England, not far from London in May 2014. Great Britain as the third largest market for Jägermeister celebrates above all the extraordinary nights out with friends. Around 60 local colleagues make sure that the ice-cold Jägermeister spirit is spread throughout the United Kingdom.

Office White Plains, USA
White Plains, United States Of America

In August 2015, Jägermeister founded a subsidiary in the USA, which since then has been independently managing the areas of logistics, sales, as well as promotions and marketing locally. The USA is considered the largest Jägermeister market worldwide - Jägermeister has even become "the official shot of the NHL". Over there the combination of Jägermeister and ice hockey almost automatically creates a connection to our ice-cold shot.

Office Prag/Bratislava
Prag, Czech Republic / Bratislava, Slovakia

In order to take account of the ever increasing importance of the Eastern European markets, a new subsidiary was founded on April 1, 2019. The national company is located both in the Czech capital Prague and in Bratislava in Slovakia. Although there are many local, well-established brands of spirits in the Czech Republic, as well as major international brands, Jägermeister is the number one in the category "Imported Premium Spirits". The focus here is on the ice-cold shot - best served by Jägerettes at events or festivals.