Eine Welt - Eine Mission

In addition to our location in Wolfenbüttel, Linden, Kamenz and the three subsidiaries, we have six other service companies abroad in order to be represented even closer to our most important markets.


Office China
Shanghai, China

Our Chinese colleagues are located in the heart of Shanghai. The colleagues from there support the market and brand development for the third largest Jägermeister market. When you order "Jägermeister" in China, you look into questioning faces. Because there, Jägermeister is called "Ye Ge", which means "wild character".

Office Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Another service company which is not far from our service company in Shanghai is our service company in Hong Kong. A central location for the Asian spirits market that is located in the so-called Chinese special administrative zone.

Office Russland
Moscow, Russia

Our largest service company to date is located in the Russian capital Moscow. Despite several political and economic crises in recent years, Russia remains one of our global priority markets with steadily increasing sales. In order to make the most of this potential as efficiently as possible, we have the concentrated competence on site to move the market forward.

Office Südafrika
Johannesburg, South Africa

Our largest market on the African continent is by far the South African market. Jägermeister has been exported to South Africa since the 1960s. No wonder, that we have colleagues on site in Johannesburg who support the market development in this region.

Office Mexiko
Mexico City, Mexico

In Latin America, Mexico is the most important market in the region. In the country where tequila is the most widely consumed spirit, the team based in Mexico City supports that our herbal liqueur is at least as successful in the market.

New Delhi, India

India has one of the most heavily regulated alcohol markets - a major challenge for our newest service company in the Indian capital New Delhi. Despite the strong regulations, the demand for international spirits is also booming, which is why the new team will now provide special support for the brand development over there.