Sensory Voyage

The SENSORY VOYAGE expands the perspective on BEST NIGHTS. It is stimulating sensory experiences that defines the unforgettable moments.

A Night Out Transformed into a Sensory Voyage

At the heart of this initiative lies the concept of a sensory voyage, where each person's journey is distinctly shaped by their sensory interactions. From the vibrant city lights to the symphony of urban nightlife, the enticing aroma of herbs, the tactile joy of finely tailored attire, and, of course, the distinct taste of Jägermeister – these elements come together to create a mosaic of sensations that form our most personal and best nights. We partnered up with four iconic brands to translate this foundation into tangible products inducing a best night’s full sensory journey. Our senses sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch – are the artists painting the vibrant canvas of our most cherished experiences, while always following the mantra of Jägermeister’s SENSORY VOYAGE:

The senses are the gateway to the soul, unlocking a world of emotions and experiences that is the foundation for our best nights.



Inhale and exhale with our exclusive JÄGERMEISTER incense, created in collaboration with the scent experts KUUMBA. For over two decades, KUUMBA INTERNATIONAL has crafted exquisite scents using natural fragrances. Together, we have created an incense that captivates the senses, offering exceptional aromas.



Experience a captivating sensory adventure and try on our collaboration with BEDWIN AND THE HEARTBREAKERS. Together, we have created an enchanting apparel piece that delights the senses. BEDWIN AND THE HEARTBREAKERS’ expertise in design shines through as they blend luxurious textures with meticulous craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in this remarkable collaboration, embodying sophistication and style in a single garment. This apparel piece showcases the outstanding graphics that define SENSORY VOYAGE, delivering exceptional experiences.



Witness the world in a whole new perspective with our exclusive JÄGERMEISTER signature colors, presented in collaboration with MONTANA CANS. We offer three dedicated markers designed for effortless expression. These markers, crafted by MONTANA CANS, ensure precision and ease for bringing your artistic visions to life. Discover the captivating fusion of our JÄGERMEISTER signature colors and MONTANA CANS’ innovative markers, unleashing endless artistic possibilities. Prepare to explore, feel, and immerse yourself in this extraordinary adventure.



Tune in with EARPEACE, we enhance your sensory journey, particularly when it comes to hearing. Since 2008, EARPEACE has been a leader in hearing protection, oering high-fidelity earplugs for various needs. They prioritize comfort and quality sound. Preserving our hearing health is a crucial aspect of this partnership. EARPEACE’s innovative products not only enhance your auditory experience but also protect your hearing. Trusted in international festivals and motorcycle rallies, EARPEACE ensures that performers and audiences can safely enjoy events. With EARPEACE, you can expect beer hearing and enhanced auditory experiences on this SENSORY VOYAGE.

Sensory Voyage - TASTE

Our Jägermeister products are based on a special elixir composed of 56 herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits. Each of the 56 ingredients adds a unique essence to the rich taste of Jägermeister and contributes to the harmonious experience of flavor. The ice cold serve provides us with a tantalizing change in viscosity and a clear step up in Jägermeister’s character. It underlines the product quality by enhancing and suppressing specific aromas and likewise balances its complexity. Ice cold consumption has another sensory effect, since the low temperature stimulates certain receptors on the tongue. That leads to the sensation of “freshness” without flavors that linger for too long - a truly exhilarating experience. When perfectly served, the Jägermeister Ice Cold Shot makes consumption even more enjoyable and enhances the overall taste intensity.