Historical Stag

Experience & Benefits

We promise our customers
"Best Nights of your life", and
our employees a unique
"Work Experience"!


Development Opportunities

We want our employees to be able to fully develop their strengths and put them to use.
Advancement always starts with yourself. Each employee has the power to define his or her own development goals together with their manager. We create the opportunities and offer tailored to each employee's individual development plans.


The Christmas bells ring early
at Jägermeister!
In November, you’ll receive an extra month’s salary and a Christmas present.
In June, you’ll receive an extra 35% of your monthly salary as holiday pay, in addition to the agreed remuneration.
We also believe that important events in our colleagues’ lives are a reason to be celebrated. Therefore, we offer cash gifts or
extra days’ holiday.

Support Fund

The support fund is a voluntary benefit provided by the company and grants our employees benefits if they get into difficulties through no fault of their own.

Soul Food & kostenfreie Drinks
Soul Food & Free Drinks

The highlight of the day is the culinary lunch creations of our Staff Restaurant team, who work with a lot of passion and creativity.
In addition, you will never run dry around here: hot and cold drinks are available in all cafe bars and in the meeting rooms.

Free Jägermeister Allowance

So that nothing stands in the way of private parties with your friends, your free alcohol allowance allows you to collect 12 bottles per year. You can choose between Jägermeister, Jägermeister Scharf & Schlehenfeuer.