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Daring stunts, wild festivals, hot bartenders: you'll never be short of a good story with Jägermeister! Read all about the crazy stuff your favourite drink has been up to.

Jägermeister #StagHunt

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Very urgent message: Our Jägermeister stag is gone!

Where is he?!? Please help INSTAPOL find the stag: @instapol_hq. Follow us on Instagram and win big prizes! #StagHunt
Bernd´s Jägermeister Treasures

Jägermeister Originals

Bernd´s Jägermeister Treasures

Bernd has collected Jägermeister items for 15 years and owns some of the most bizarre objects in the brand´s history. Check out the videos!
The Night Meister Express - Italy


The Night Meister Express - Italy

We Never Freeze Campaign - South Korea


South Korea: We Never Freeze

Cooking with Jägermeister

Special - feat. Glamour of the Kill

Cooking with Jägermeister 1

In 2014, a new TV star is born...

New commercial

In 2014, a new TV star is born...

Meister Session with Musketon


Meister Session with Musketon

The very first Jägermeister Meister Session with artist Musketon taking place in the heart of Ghent, Belgium.
The ice ball (Czech Republic)

Stunt (Czech Republic)

The ice ball: a message from Planet Jägermeister?

Cycling across an abandoned military base near Prague one fine July day,
a photographer came across something quite unexpected: a huge sphere of ice.
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